Claremont High School Academy

Head Teacher School Welcome


"To prepare our students to reach their full potential."
Welcome to Claremont High School Academy – an outstanding Academy that supports all pupils on an exceptional journey from ages 11 to 19.


Our aim, quite simply is “To prepare our students to reach their full potential”.  We know that we are very successful in doing this because we have students, staff and parents who are totally committed to our core values of Excellence, Respect, Aspiration, Enjoyment and Perseverance. These are the values that are celebrated and upheld across the academy so that students of all ages and abilities are able to make exceptional progress academically, socially and personally.  It is the strength of these core values that has led students to make an excellent and smooth transition from their much loved primary schools so they achieve excellent GCSE an A Level results.  This enables them to make the transition to top universities and colleges and to secure excellent professional careers in fields such as Medicine, Finance, Law, Teaching and Business.  Many have achieved sporting success well beyond the school environment and others have found true excellence in performing and the visual arts.

When it comes to academic achievement, our goal is nothing short of excellence across all three of the key stages. Pupils are able to achieve excellent results because we set the highest expectations in learning and behaviour and we provide them with a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that meets their needs and aspirations. We have a dedicated and passionate team of well qualified and highly skilled staff who provide outstanding teaching and this is reflected by our excellent GCSE and A-Level results which remain significantly above national averages in all headline measures year on year. This was further validated by Ofsted in both 2015 and 2010 when we achieved Ofsted Outstanding gradings, an endorsement of everything we do at Claremont.

Alongside our reputation for academic excellence, we also pride ourselves on our outstanding pastoral care, providing a very positive environment in which students thrive. As each new student joins us, we take the time to build a genuine partnership between family and school.  You can be sure that your child will be nurtured and enriched in a supportive and challenging academic environment.

We are committed to ensuring that the talents of all students are recognised and encouraged. Students benefit from first-class facilities and an exciting range of extra-curricular activities which develop confidence and skills for lifelong learning beyond the classroom.

Our website is a reflection of our vibrant, multifaceted, motivated, happy school. We hope you enjoy it.


N. Hyde-Boughey

Head Teacher