Claremont High School Academy

Examination Results 2018

We are delighted with a fantastic set of GCSE and A-Level results. Congratulations to all pupils for their continued hard work, effort, and perseverance, and to our parents and teachers for their support and encouragement.



KS4 GCSE Results 2018

Congratulations to all our year 11 students who received their GCSE results in August 2018. We are proud of your continued hard work and perseverance which has led to some truly outstanding results.

This year brought the first set of results from the new style GCSEs in most subjects, following the transition in English and Maths in 2017. As well as a new grading system, these examinations were designed to be more rigorous in their assessments, making it more of a challenge for pupils to achieve the top grades (8/9 being equivalent to an A* or above)


We are delighted to share some of our highlights, and are particularly proud of how the pupils have coped with the changes and performed exceptionally. There are a number of notable increases since 2017 which shows our continuing trend of going from strength to strength.

Headline Measures 2018:

Attainment 8 Score: 5.6

Progress 8 Score: 0.73

% Grade 4 or above in English and Maths 85% (8% higher than 2017)

% Grade 5 or above in English and Maths 65%

% Grade 4 or above in English Language 85%

% Grade 4 or above in English Literature 92%

% Grade 4 or above in Maths 86%

% 5 or more GCSE of grade 4 or above (including C or above) 84% (10% increase from 2017)

% Entering Ebacc 69%

%Passing Ebacc (Grade 5 or above) 30%

Ebacc Average Point Score: 5.21


91 pupils achieved 3 or more of the top grades 7-9 (A-A*)


Please click on the following link for DfE School Performance Tables:



KS5 Results 2018

We congratulate all of our A-Level pupils for their outstanding achievements and wish them the best of luck for their bright futures ahead.


A*-C: 76%

A*-E: 99%

6 students with Straight A*s/As

A further 19 students obtained 3+A*-B grades.

Vocational Courses 49% of grades at Distinction*/Distinction

7 students with straight Distinction*s/Distinctions


Highlights include:

Economics 100% A*-C

Sociology 100% A*-C

Religious Studies 91% A*-C

Mathematics 85% A*-C

English Literature 86% A*-C


Official KS5 Data will be released in January 2018. We will update the website after this.


2017 Results

A-level: Progress score is 0.15 which is above average nationally

Applied general qualifications (BTEC) progress score is -0.02 which is average nationally 

A-level: C+ (nationally C+)

Applied general qualifications (BTEC): Distinction (nationally Distinction)

Progress in English was 0.43 compared to -0.02 nationally

Progress in Maths was 0 compared to 0 nationally

There were 7 students who re-took Maths and 7 who re-took English.  This score measures their progress compared to their KS4 results.   

A-levels: 96.3% completed their programme of study (nationally 95.3%)

Applied general qualifications (BTEC): 94.1% (nationally 88.5%)