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Claremont High School Academy


Head of Department

Mr Pennant


 A Level

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Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Maths, English and Science

Why study this course

Psychology is the scientific study of people, their minds and behaviour. How we think, how we act, react and interact individually and in groups. Psychology is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying such behaviour.

It is both a thriving academic discipline and a vital professional practice.

It enables you stand back from your own life and think about your own feelings and behaviours a little more dispassionately.

  • It helps give you insight into the behaviour of others and why people do the things they do.
  • It’s simply really interesting!!!!!

Course Overview

Year 12

You will study a number of topics in this year, including Social Influence, Attachment, Memory, research methods,  Psychopathology and different approacheS in psychology.

Year 13

Aggression, Schizophrenia, Biopsychology, Gender, Issues and Debates and again Research Methods.

Exam Specification

AQA A Level Psychology Specification at a glance


Scheme of Work for Students

Year 12 Scheme of Work

Year 13 Scheme of Work

Future Pathways

A level Psychology is especially useful as it straddles the boundary between Science and the Humanities, thus indicating the possession of skills in both areas. Psychology develops many transferable skills such as oral, visual and written communication, problem solving, numeracy and statistical skills. It also develops  critical and creative thinking, decision making, organisational skills, team working, IT skills, and data analysis skills. Therefore psychology is particularly relevant to any job that involves working directly with people (such as public relations, marketing, journalism, teaching or any job that requires the use of problem solving skills (such as science subjects).

If students choose to further their studies in psychology then there are many career paths that can be chosen, such as educational psychologists, sport psychologists, forensic psychologists, health or clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists and many more.