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Claremont High School Academy


Here at Claremont High School the prefects work tirelessly to support the school.  Our prefects get actively involved in a wide range of exciting projects which enable them to demonstrate their leadership skills.  These projects have ranged from a radio station, to homework club, guides at open evenings, buddies to Year 7 forms, support of co-curricular clubs, games clubs, charity work and many more!

To listen to some of our radio station podcasts please click on the links below.  



I am incredibly proud of the work that our prefects do and the values they demonstrate every day.  They work hard and as such can be seen wearing the special 'prefect tie'. 

Becoming part of this special team is a challenging process because we want to ensure we are choosing pupils who are committed to our school.  So if you feel you have what it takes to become a prefect please do fill in the attached form when your year group applications are open and join this leadership team!

Ms Beauchamp 

Claremont High School Prefect Application Process for 2021 onwards:


Click here for prefect application form /docs/prefect/general_application_form_prefect.docx



General Information

You will need to fill in this form and then pass a paper copy to your form tutor.

These forms will then be collated and passed to your PPMs for short listing

Following successful shortlisting you will be selected to attend an interview with your respective College Lead

Successful applicants will be informed once the interview process has taken place


Leadership Potential

To qualify to apply to become a Prefect, you will either:

have demonstrated strong leadership potential and the willingness to take responsibility

believe that you have this potential to be a leader and show a willingness to take responsibility


Consistently Positive

You will also have demonstrated a consistently positive approach to the school and your learning, this means:

Reliability – Good attendance and punctuality

Presentation - Wearing full school uniform (shirt (tucked in), tie, blazer). Also, adherence to school expectations of jewellery and make up!

Good conduct - No recent behaviour issues at any time during the school day, and consistently positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons

Respect - Positively acknowledging the authority of the school at all levels

Organisation – Coursework and homework being completed within the set timescales and attendance at meetings expected

Ambition/Aspiration – the majority of effort/application grades in your progress reports are good or outstanding



In addition to the above, you will be committed to:

Looking at your emails to see when designated prefect meetings are

Attend one after school meeting per half term

Support the school during and beyond the normal school hours*

Present in at least one assembly during each term linked to the school values

Participate in initiatives agreed by Head of Prefects

Help support in Literacy/Numeracy in form times

Run intervention groups as agreed by the Prefect Lead

Support/help organise charity day and charity events

Run/supervise break time or lunch time events as agreed



As a Prefect you will always:

Uphold the school’s code of conduct and broader expectations

Carry out the duties required of you (preferential treatments to friends and family members will not be allowed)

Actively support and promote Claremont High vision and values

Correctly wear full school uniform

Maintain good attendance and be on time for school and lessons


*Prefect representations are required for year 6 open evening, presentation day, parents/ carers consultation evenings (2),school productions, and some governors’ meetings.