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Claremont High School Academy

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

Head of Department

Mr I Khan


A Level

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

Grade 6 or above in English

Why study this course

A Level Philosophy, Religion and Ethics is a fascinating and challenging course which equips you with skills to challenge the world around you, while also fostering the development of your empathy. The three components of PRE offer an opportunity to engage with big questions about existence, various ethical frameworks and teachings from of one the world’s major religions: Islam. This holistic approach will give you invaluable skills that extend far beyond the classroom. From essay writing, developing critical thinking skills and constructing solid arguments to giving you the understanding to appreciate the viewpoints of others. These skills are highly valued and will help you succeed at university and in the workplace. By exploring various ethical theories and moral principles, you'll be better prepared to make informed choices that have a positive impact on yourself, others, and society at large. Whether you aspire to be a lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, or public servant, ethical reasoning is essential for success in any profession. PRE works well with any other Humanities subject and will complement your understanding of them. Russell Group Universities rate PRE as a top subject to study alongside a primary subject. We have a passionate team of staff who are dedicated and experienced who use their expertise to give you the best learning journey.

Course Overview

Students will study a total of three components titled Philosophy, Religion (Islam) and Ethics under the Eduqas exam board. Each component consists of eight themes. Four themes are studied in AS, the other four are studied in A2.

Example topics for each component:

  • Philosophy: ‘Is God a construct made by the human mind?’
  • Islam: ‘Does the Day of Judgement inspire fear or faith?’
  • Ethics: ‘Could we ever justify the cannibalism of innocent people?’

Exam Specification

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Specification


Philosophy Checklist

Islam Checklist

Ethics Checklist


Students studying PRE will be given an opportunity to attend university lectures on themes which they cover in their A Level course. Staff will monitor any relevant events which universities have to offer and book students in to visit to give them an experience of what it is like attending a university PRE lecture. This also gives students an opportunity to speak to a university lecturer which can help inform their future choices.

Students have the opportunity to work with an experienced debate coach to hone their argumentation skills.

Staff also look into places of worship throughout the year and organise trips if relevant courses or events are on offer. 

Future Pathways

PRE allows students to have flexibility in their future career as it is a subject which is valued by most professions. Students who have studied PRE go on to university to study courses such as: Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Journalism, History of Art, Classics, Medicine (ethics), History, Literature, Theology, Philosophy, Religion and Ethics. PRE can also be used as a combined subject at degree level. For example, you may want to study Maths with Philosophy or PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics).

Careers associated with PRE are: solicitor, barrister, politics, travel, journalism, teacher, lecturer, social work, consultancy, technology and environmental sectors.