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Health, Social and Child Care


Welcome to the Health and Social Care Page. Health and Social Care follows the Cambridge Nationals Diploma Certificate and is taught from KS4 to KS5. The course is graded slightly different to GCSE's however, it is a highly recognised programme and equivalent to GCSE's. Throughout the course students will learn specialist skills and knowledge needed to work in various care settings. Students will be assessed in a range of ways which include, coursework, exams and a practical component. This will give students the opportunity to enhance the wider variety of skills needed within the care industry. Students who study the course often go on to further education to specialise one of the career paths below. 

Year Group Road Map




 Grades in Health and Social Care

The below table shows how Cambridge National and Technicals Grades compare to GCSE's. It important to highlight that all units must be completed in order to obtain a grade.


KS4 GCSE and Cambridge Nationals Comparison table 

 KS5 Comparison Table and Tariff points 



Recovery curriculum


The Health and Social care Department are committed to ensuring that your child is not disadvantaged from the current circumstances. We have managed to keep the same content for each year group and we have allocated two intervention slots to provide extra time and support for students. Following OCR's advice we are focusing on the mandatory subjects first. This will provide additional time towards the end of the academic year to focus on upgrading coursework.

Recovery Curriculum



 Year 10


Throughout year 10 students will explore the different aspects of human welfare.  They will be completing a First aid unit and Values of care unit.  Within the First Aid unit students will focus on what the role of a First Aider is and how to effectively treat a patient. The knowledge students will gain from the first unit will link into the Values of Care unit where the main focus is; the principles of effective care and legislations issued in different care settings. 

Year 10 Health and Social Care Scheme of Work

Cambridge Nationals Specification


Year 11


 Year 11 students will complete two coursework units.  The first unit educates students on effective communication in the Health, Social and Child Care setting.  Students will gain a better understanding of a personalised approach and why a care plan is important. The second unit will develop students knowledge and understanding of the importance of body systems, structure, function and disorders that can effect the individual within health, social care and early years settings.  They will be able to measure and interpret data obtained from various relevant body functions.

Year 11 Health and Social Care Scheme of Work

Cambridge Nationals Specification


Year 12 

Students will have an opportunity  to expand their knowledge in three different units. Students will advance knowledge learnt in the KS4 communications unit  focusing on different relationships that are within the health and social care sector. Students will be able to apply communication and relationship building skills in a practical way, considering how different factors, including context, can impact on the building of positive relationships. Students will also learn about the implications of diversity on practice as well as the effects of discriminatory practice on individuals who require care or support. Students will be able to further their knowledge on legislation and national initiatives that support and promote anti-discriminatory practice. The final unit students complete is about health, safety and security in health and social care. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to equip them in maintaining a safe working environment, consequences for breaking legislations put in place and how to respond to different incidents and emergencies within health and social care settings.

Year 12 Health and Social Care Scheme of Work

Cambridge Technicals Specification


Year 13

In the final school year students will complete one exam and two coursework units. Students will attain knowledge on the structure and functions of the body systems involved in everyday activities and maintenance of health, and the malfunctions that may occur within these systems. Students will attain knowledge on different learning disabilities and possible causes.  They will examine how the lives of individuals with a learning disability are changing as attitudes and approaches to support evolve.  In the final unit students will investigate the history of public health including; initiatives put in place to protect and improve the health of the population, rather than focusing on the health of the individual. Students will develop an understanding of the various ways public health and well-being is promoted in order to benefit society as a whole and to reduce health inequalities. 

 Year 13 Health and Social Care Scheme

Cambridge Technicals Specification