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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive at Claremont High is a cloud storage area you can use to share documents and work collaboratively with colleagues from anywhere where you have internet access.

Accessing OneDrive from Office 365

You can access OneDrive through your Office 365 account at login.microsoftonline.com

Click on OneDrive on the menu bar at the top to display your Documents home page.

You will see the folders and files you have created or uploaded. The Shared with Everyone folder is created by default. A green star  indicates a new item.

While browsing through folders, you can return to your Documents home page by clicking on Documents at the top of the page, or on My Documents in the panel on the left. To go back up through a folder hierarchy, click on the folder name in the path at the top of the screen:


Hovering over a document author or modifier’s name displays a toolbar, allowing you to communicate through Lync.


Creating documents in OneDrive

To create a file directly in OneDrive, click on .

Click on an application to create a new document in Office Online.


You can continue to edit online, or open in the desktop application.


You can create a new folder from here. (Alternatively, click on the

FILES tab and on New Folder.)




Uploading files

You can upload files of any type, for example a PDF or image file, although there is a size limitation of 2 GB.

Click on  and browse to your file, or click on the FILES tab and on Upload Document.

You can also drag and drop a file directly from Windows Explorer into OneDrive.











Make sure the Drop here… area is highlighted before releasing the mouse.

Documents you create or upload are automatically private until you share them. An icon in the Sharing column indicates the status ( or ). Note that documents in the Shared with Everyone folder are visible to everyone. These documents are view-only.

Deleting a document

To delete a file or folder, select it by clicking in the margin on the left to display a tick  , then click and choose Delete. You can also click the ellipsis () next to the file name, click the ellipsis again at the bottom of the callout window and select Delete.

To delete several files at once, select them first on the Documents page then click Manage.

Moving a document 

To move a document to another folder, you can drag it on the Documents page if you can see the folder.

Renaming a file or folder

Select a file or folder by clicking in the margin to the left, then click Manage and choose EditProperties. Type in the new name and click Save.

 You can also click the ellipsis () next to the file or folder name, click the ellipsis again at the bottom of the callout window and choose Edit Properties.

Using Office Online

OneDrive includes browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. They are limited versions of Microsoft Office; therefore they may be missing some of the features you normally use.

Editing a document

Click on a document to open it, then click on EDIT DOCUMENT. Choose Edit in …Online to use the browser version. You will have access to basic editing functionality.

The FILE options:

Return to the document.

Save As          Use this to download a copy or a PDF version to your computer. Note that it is

not necessary to save the document – Office Online saves automatically.

Print              Send your document to print. If it does not print correctly, you have the

option to create a PDF version.

Share             Make your document available for other people to view or edit. See Sharing

documents below.

Closing a document

Click on your name at the top left of the screen to return to the Documents page.



Editing in the desktop application

To work on a document in your desktop application, open it in OneDrive, click on EDIT DOCUMENT then choose the Edit in option. If you are already editing in Office Online, click on the OPEN IN tab.


You can also select it on the Documents page and click on .

When you are finished editing, click on Save   on the Quick Access Toolbar or click on File and

Save. If you have shared this document, it will be refreshed with edits by other authors. You can compare versions by clicking on File and Info.

Click on File and Close to return to OneDrive.

Sharing documents

If you share a document with someone, they will be able to edit it if you have given them permission.

You can also share an entire folder. Note that all the documents in the folder are shared – you can’t set sharing options for individual files.

Setting sharing options

From your Documents list:

Click in the left margin to select the file, then click on  .

Typing a name into Invite people displays a list of matches. Make your selections, then from the dropdown list, select Can edit or Can view.


If you want to send a notification to the recipient, click on SHOW OPTIONS and make sure Send an email invitation is ticked. Type in an optional message and click SHARE.


You will receive an email notification that you have shared a document.


From Office Online:

If the document is open, click on SHARE and invite people as above.


From the desktop application:

Open the document, click on the File tab and on Share. Invite people as above.


Changing permissions 

If you want to change the permissions for a shared document, click on the Sharing icon on the

Documents page.












You can change the permissions for individuals and also invite additional people to share.

The Get a link option generates a link to the document that you can send to others. It will open in Office Online with guest reader access.

Sending emails

You can send an email to everyone you’ve shared a document with, perhaps to tell them something about the document. Click on the Sharing icon and on EMAIL EVERYONE.

Setting up an alert

You can set up an alert for a shared file or folder so that you’re notified when something changes.

Select the file or folder and click on the FILES tab. Click on Alert Me and select Set alert on this document.

Set your options and click OK.

Following documents

If you are collaborating on a document – one that you have shared with others, or that others have shared with you – you can keep track of changes by following it.

Select the file, click on Manage and choose Follow. You can also click on the ellipsis and select FOLLOW. Click on Followed Documents in the panel on the left to see your documents.

Managing document versions

Each time you edit a document, OneDrive retains a version. You can use this to track and manage changes.

To see the versions, click to the left of the document to select it and click on the FILES tab. In the

Manage group, click on Version History.

Hover over the Modified date, click on the down arrow. Select View to open it or Restore to make this the current version.

You can also work with versions in the desktop application. Click on the File tab and Info. Click on a version under Versions to open it. To restore the version, click on Restore on the bar at the top.

Saving and opening files on OneDrive from Microsoft Office

To save a document to OneDrive from the desktop application, click on File and Save As. Click on

OneDrive @ Claremont High and on the Browse button.


Click on Documents to open the Save As dialog box and navigate to a folder. You can also create a new folder from here.


The Save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar changes to indicate that, if you share this document, it will be refreshed with changes made by other editors.


Note: If you save a copy of a document to OneDrive, your existing document remains in its original location. You will have two versions which are not synchronised.

To open a file from OneDrive, click File > Open, and click on OneDrive @ Claremont High. Click on a recent file or folder, or on Browse to navigate.