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Claremont High School Academy

Extended project qualification (EPQ)

Level: Three

Exam board: AQA

Offered to: All 

EPQ specification: Click here

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a level three qualification taken by students, where it is equivalent to half an A-level. Students choose a topic of their interest, although they must show that it is going beyond their A-levels.


It takes the form of either a dissertation (5,000 words) or an artefact accompanied by a shorter report (1,000 words). EPQ has been praised by many universities in the UK for guiding students into higher education. Research and academic writing skills have been taught explicitly and students have received guidance on study skills, such as planning, time management and prioritization.

Research papers have highlighted the importance of completing an Extended Project Qualification during Sixth Form:

  • Undertaking EPQ benefits performance in A-level (Jones, 2015)
  • The odds of being awarded grades A* to B increased by 29% for students entering for EPQ (Jones, 2015)
  • Students are more likely to obtain a first or upper second-class degree if they have taken EPQ (Gill, 2017b) 

A list of sample titles Claremont Scholars have completed in recent years included:

  • To what extent has increasing house prices contributed to London's economic inequality level?
  • The effects of global human activity on coral reefs
  • To what extent is Alzheimer's Disease discriminated against?

November 2022 cohort results:

15 candidates in total achieved the following results - 

  • 47% A*-A 
  • 67% A*-B
  • 80% A*-C
  • 100% A*-E