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Claremont High School Academy

Inter College Sports Competition

The inter college sports competition is a tournament which runs all year round, taking place every Friday afternoon.

This has proved to be extremely popular amongst the pupils, with 53% of all student in Claremont taking part in last year’s competition, eventually won by Gold college.

Every Friday sees a different year group competing in a different sport in an attempt to win vital points for their college.

The inter college programme has brought an element of friendly competition within the school, where pupils are encouraged to take part and compete whilst demonstrating the school’s 5 values.

Last year's competition was won by Gold College.

 Scoring System


10 Points


6 Points


4 Points


2 Points

 2016/17 Competition

Results after Round 1:

Winners Photos 

6th Form Boys Football GOLD


Year 7 Girls Netball EMERALD SAPPHIRE


Year 7 Boys Football EMERALD


Year 8 Girls Netball EMERALD


Year 8 Boys Football SAPPHIRE


Year 9 Girls Netball SAPPHIRE


Year 9 Boys Football GOLD


Year 10 Girls Netball EMERALD


Year 10 Boys Football EMERALD


Year 11 Girls Netball SAPPHIRE


Year 11 Boys Football SCARLET