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Claremont High School Academy

Vision and Values

The Sixth Form vision complements the whole school vision of ensuring every student can establish lifelong learning while celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of our community.

This is symbolised through our values of aspiration, excellence, respect, perseverance and enjoyment. 

Being part of the Claremont community allows the sixth form to be an open, welcoming place. Whether you have been with us for five years or just five minutes there is a sense of community and acceptance to being part of the ‘Claremont family’.


Our students are ambitious, wanting to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer so they can be the best in their chosen field through various routes: apprenticeship, university or directly into the world of work.  We are delighted with the high level of applications to prestigious universities, courses and apprenticeships.  Our alumni are testament to what can be achieved. Find out more here. 


Students are encouraged to aim for excellence in all their endeavours and this is reflected in our results with Distinction* and A* - B achieved by many.  The drive for excellence is in sporting, musical and other achievements with our sixth formers representing school, county and country in a number of disciplines.  Excellence comes with opportunity, structure, guidance and support and that is offered at every level.


This hallmark of student behaviour is shown through their treatment of each other and the staff who work with them.  Students’ incredible intergenerational work of engaging with our wider community is exemplary, ranging from working with younger peers on numeracy and literacy skills in primary schools to engaging with our local senior citizens.  Students also take on roles and responsibilities within the school such as library mentors, library assistants and work in the canteen. 


Students demonstrate this in so many ways.  Whether it is climbing mountains like Kilimanjaro or cycling across India to raise money for charity, or simply mastering skills in sport, music and drama, our sixth formers are happy to do their best.  Their goal is to follow their college mottos of ‘Simply the Best’, Seize the day’, ‘Actions not words’ and ‘Nothing but the best is good enough’.  Their resolute perseverance can be seen by their actions and achievements.


'Learning’ is seen as a positive experience at Claremont Sixth and involves encouraging our students to study and learn in a range of ways.  You will be an active participant in your student experience with us, academic and beyond academia, through sport, drama, music and the arts, not just for qualifications but also for personal development.

Students’ attitudes to learning are exemplary.