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Charity is the benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity.  It is generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering.  We have an abundance of charity and goodwill here at Claremont High School. 

Click here for a fundraising form, if you have a fundraising idea to explore.


Overview of charities:

Every year Claremont High School raises money for different charities.  The main charities supported by our ‘colleges’ are as follows:

Emerald College - WWF 
Gold College - St Luke's Hospice 
Sapphire College - CLIC Sargent 
Scarlet College - Rainbow Trust


We also support national fundraising events such as the ‘Poppy Appeal’, ‘Wear it Pink’, ‘Children in Need’, ‘MacMillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning’, ‘Save the Children’ and other events throughout the year. 


Money is raised by pupils, staff and parents who put on cake sales, run sporting events, pay to have a ‘mufti’ day, charity walks and of course our whole school charity day in the summer term.


Local charities such as the Brent Food Bank are also supported by pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as parents.  


A big thank you to the whole Claremont community for your support of each of our charity events and for continuing to nurture goodwill, generosity, helpfulness and kindness towards all humanity; especially toward the needy and/or those suffering. 



Our students raised an impressive £1,299.00. Thank you to all pupils, form tutors and staff.