Claremont High School Academy

Admissions Q&A

What is the purpose of an admissions' policy for the 6th form?  

Our 6th form only offers Level 3 qualifications - A-levels or vocational qualifications such as BTECs or Cambridge Nationals.  Students need to be able to meet the academic challenge of studying these qualifications.  This is why we require students to have an Average Points Score (APS) from their GCSEs of at least 4.5 to study at our sixth form, including passes in English and Maths.  Each A-level and vocational qualification also has a subject-specific entry requirement (for example, a 7 at GCSE in the subject and a 6 in English and Maths) that must be met to study that subject.    

Do all 6th forms have the same admissions' policy? 

No - each 6th form or college will have their own admissions' policy so they may have different academic requirements than at Claremont.  In addition, many colleges will offer Level 2 courses and will offer a bigger range of vocational qualifications.  We encourage all of our students to make an informed choice about where to study after Year 11.   

How will Claremont make decisions about applications now that GCSEs are cancelled in 2020? 

For external students, we will only use the calculated grades that will be published by exam boards on 20th August 2020 to make decisions about applications.  

For Claremont students, we will use the calculated grades that will be be published by exam boards on 20th August to make decisions about applications.  Where a student's calculated grade does not meet the criteria for their chosen courses, we will also, when making decisions, take into consideration our knowledge of the student, how they performed during the GCSE course and their potential to cope with 6th form study.  Whilst we have always followed this process in previous years, it will be especially useful this year in circumstances where a student's calculated grade is, for example, significantly different to their centre assessment grade. 

As Year 12 starts in September of this year, we will not be able to take into consideration the results of any GCSE exams taken in the autumn series of exams promised by the government (further details on this are yet to be released).   

When will I find out if my application is successful? 

Students that received a conditional offer earlier this year will find out on 20th August if they have been successful with their application.  We are not allowed to let students know any earlier than this about their applications.  

Can I apply to Claremont's 6th form after receiving my calculated grades? 

No - we are not accepting any applications in the summer.  Claremont students can apply to join a waiting list for our 6th form.  The closing date for applications is Thursday 7th May at 4pm.  We are not accepting any further applications from external students this year.    

I applied for the waiting list.  When will I find out whether I have been successful or not? 

Students on the waiting list will be contacted on 21st August 2020 once we know whether or not we have space available after allocating places to successful applicants with conditional offers.   

Will there be a sign-up day for the 6th form this year? 

No - the admissions' process will all be done online through the Admissions+ system or via email.  

I am still confused about 6th form admissions!  Who do I contact?  

Please send an email to  Mr Burns or Ms Singh will send you a reply.